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Eh-hem…do I have license to swear on here?  Well, just in case I don’t, this book was effin amazing!  That’s my technical analysis.  To put it another way, just as delicate and carefully reasoned, this book made me say “Oh, shit” about my own writing.

The story follows two improbable friends, one a scrawny Russian Jew and the other a specimen of a Cossack Russian, through a journey to get twelve eggs.  Why they need the twelve eggs, who asked them to get the eggs, etc. etc., is up to you to find out.  I won’t do with spoiling any of this story.  The story is set in Piter, Russia, during the seige of Leningrad by the Germans in WWII.  The squalor and terror of that existence, if it could be called that, was something Benioff did a masterful job of capturing.  Not having lived in a eastern European country through WWII, I absolutely felt like I tasted a bit of that experience.   At the same time, Benioff portrayed the human will to survive, regardless of the circumstances, with a half-submerged beauty.  What I mean by that is you have to look really, really hard, past the layer of dust, death and darkness that exists on everything and everyone in the story.

There is not a single hiccup in this book.  There is not a single moment where every ounce of your body fails to strain for Lev and Kolya’s success in their journey.  And there is not a single molecule in your body that will fail to well up with emotion at the end of the story.  Simply put, a magical book.  Masterful.  If you don’t read this by the time you die, you will not have lived as you should have.