“Daring to Cut Off Amazon”

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Writing
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Another very interesting article on the impact of Amazon on the publishing industry.  “Daring to Cut Off Amazon,” by David Streitfeld of  The New York Times.


Publishers of all sizes are struggling to survive in the face of the online giant.  Where do you think the industry is headed?

  1. J.Z. Bingham says:

    The wave of technology opens the door for indies to go directly to the consumer. The commoditization of content by large publishers dilutes quality (50 Shades or vampires anyone?). I believe the majority of readers want good books at good prices and will gravitate toward the best overall value. As it becomes easier for indies to reach mass markets through social media and blogs, the big guns like Amazon and Big Six publishers become less relevant. Boutiques are always more intriguing. Publishing is no different. Also, the advances of multi-platform eBooks make the limitations of Kindle seem stifling. It will be interesting to see where Amazon is in ten years…selling toasters again?

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