Tip #2: Always Be Open to Ideas

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Writing
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We think of something and our gremlin says, “That idea is stoopit; no one will like it!”  B.S.  Kill the gremlin!  Point in case?  Was watching a documentary last night about John Lennon and he was explaining where the song and title “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” came from.  Everyone suspected that he (and the other Beatles) were on some psychedelic trip when they came up with the song, but John said it actually came from a much more innocuous source.  A drawing his son made at school.  John asked his son what he called the drawing, and his son said, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”  You can imagine the chorus of gremlins howling with laughter when John thought to himself, “Fancy I’ll turn that into a tune.”  But, he put a slug through each of them and went on to write one of the best known Beatles’ songs.

Bottom line: keep that journal and pen with you at all times, and be open to any ideas that come your way!


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