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A couple quick updates, thoughts, and possible points of clarification. ¬†First, Amazon hasn’t taken the petition seriously yet. ¬†Maybe I don’t blame them. ¬†What impact could 210 signing indie authors have? ¬†That’s why we’re pushing for 1,000. ¬†And, if that doesn’t get their attention, then we’ll get 2,000. ¬†We will push until they will dialogue with us, which is all we have requested. ¬†Sign it here today, just take a second and you’re in good company:¬†

Next. ¬†I am starting to get information that Amazon is adding another dimension to pulling reviews. ¬†It is not set forth in any of their guidelines, but it could be called associated review pulling. ¬†What does association mean? ¬†Anyone in your family. ¬†Friends. ¬†People you work with. ¬†Reviews from all of these types of people have been removed and/or blocked according to various people. ¬†They are being told it is because they have a “financial interest” in your book, but that’s obviously a load of crap. ¬†That’s just the catchall phrase they’re using to justify their actions. ¬†So, in the future, it may not be possible to have anyone you¬†know¬†write you a review. ¬†Just awesome, huh? ¬†Let’s make it harder for indie authors.

Finally, just got done reading an interesting blog post on the review issue. ¬†It includes another description of what that blogger calls “linked” removal of reviews. ¬†It is called “Update on Amazon’s Disappearing Reviews: Konrath Continues Bold, Pro-Lies Stance; Amazon’s Policies Clarified” by Ed Robertson: ¬†

This all stinks of so many other situation where if there was just transparency, there would be no speculation, rumor, and angst. ¬†Amazon could easily step up and give some clarity/description on this whole issue. ¬†In fact, that’s all most people are asking for.